Strange Uses For Chocolate


While the most obvious use for chocolate is eating it of course, there are some other great uses for the liquid gold. Yep, you can actually incorporate chocolate into your everyday life without even having to eat it. But of course, you can eat it also! So what are some of the strangest uses for chocolate?

Fake Blood

Believe it or not but chocolate has actually been used as blood in movies such Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic Psycho. It was used in the shower scene and actually looked better than it could have. Chocolate doesn’t have the right color to look like blood which makes it a strange option to use in scene that needs blood everywhere. At least it must have been a tasty cleanup!

Chocolate Diapers

What? Did you just say chocolate diapers? When would have thought this would be a good idea? Well it turns out that chocolate diapers are actually gaining popularity in baby shower games. And boy do they actually look like poo in a diaper. These diapers can be bought in stores or you can add the chocolate to your favorite brand name diapers. They are a ton of fun but very strange!

Novelty Hotel

In Bournemouth England, there is actually a Chocolate Boutique Hotel. Yep, a chocolate hotel. But unfortunately the whole structure is not made out of chocolate, but its rooms are named after different words for chocolate. Also, depending on your package when staying there, you may even get a chocolate portrait.

Haute Couture

There is even a chocolate fashion show where amazing outfits are created with chocolate. So I guess these outfits would not be for every day or any day really, but very cool to see. It’s called the Le Salon du Chocolat’s