Eating Too Much Low Quality Chocolate Can Have These Effects


Chocolate, the one with high content of real cacao components, is basically good for the body. But even the real chocolate products have to be taken in moderation. Remember, everything that is taken in excess cancels the benefits it brings.

How much more the over consumption of low quality chocolates? Chocolates are considered to be of poor quality if they contain lower percentage of cocoa and higher dosage of sugar, trans fats, and oil. They have other additives that may also be harmful to the health of the body. Most of these kinds of chocolates only have cocoa powder in them, and in the real sense of the word, is only chocolate flavored.

What happens if you eat a lot of these low quality chocolates?

Cause Skin Problems

If you are acne prone, it is better to avoid bad quality chocolates because its sugar and trans fat content can increase the levels of your blood sugar and insulin, thus producing acne and other skin problems such as stretchmarks. Pure chocolate is bitter and chocolate makers put so much sugar to make it delectable.

Gain Extra Weight

The additives in poor quality chocolates contain high quantities of calories that can result to gain weight. If you eat too much, expect extra pounds to be added to your current heaviness. When you acquire more than the normal body mass index required for your body it can lead to health complications. Moreover, when you are not happy with your body, it can often give rise to low self-esteem and confidence.

Instigate Diabetes

If you eat several bars of low quality chocolate every day, be prepared to see a spike on your blood sugar level. This can increase the risk of developing diabetes and other health issues, like hypertension and heart disease. With continued ingestion, and if these diseases cannot be addressed appropriately, it may lead to kidney problems.

Develop Dental Complications

Too much sugar can cause tooth decay and cavities. This is inevitable if you over consume chocolates that are high in sugar. Other gum diseases and dental complications may also develop if you do not take control of your intake of low quality chocolates.