Unusual Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Chocolate helps with Math

Besides the usual health benefits of dark chocolate such as helping you lose weight, lowers blood pressure, and has lots of nutrients. Dark chocolate also has some other really cool health benefits that you probably never heard of. But when we talk about dark chocolate, we mean a really high percentage dark chocolate of at least 85%. And the higher the percentage, the better. It may actually take a bit of getting used to the taste as high percentage dark chocolates are much more bitter than chocolates such as milk chocolate. But unfortunately, milk chocolates and dark chocolates with very low cocoa percentages, have very little to no health benefits. So what are they?

Could Help You With Math

Believe it or not, but chocolate may actually help you with math. That is if you need the help. Dark chocolate has flavonols which is a compound in chocolate with properties similar to antioxidant. They are thought to improve circulation which includes blood flow to the brain. There have been studies conducted in the past where participants who ate dark chocolate could actually solve math equations more quickly than they could before. Those who ate the dark chocolate were also less susceptible to metal fatigue.

Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

Probably the best way (in terms of fun and tasty) to keep your skin healthy and actually prevent stretch marks. Dark chocolate is great for your skin as it is rich in zinc. This helps in strengthening the connective tissues that holds your skin together. And it’s the cocoa in chocolate that can help your skin get more firm and provide right levels of hydration and elasticity. Dark chocolate can also reduce the puffiness in your skin and leaves a healthy glow.

Fills You Up

Did your mom ever warn you that if you eat that chocolate before your dinner, it will ruin your appetite? Well, looks like your mom was right. There has also been research conducted where participants who ate dark chocolate within 2 hours of eating actually ate less dinner. So if you’re trying to lose weight, this can help suppress your appetite and fill you up for longer.