Can Chocolate Cause Skin Conditions?

Chocolate and skin conditions

It’s the bane of teenagers, and even adults: acne breakouts, unsightly spots that mar smooth, otherwise flawless skin. We all have acne-fighting experience, the years of covering pimples and repeatedly washing away any potential blemish-causing dirt with a mix of special products and medications. After all, who hasn’t heard of a million different remedies for keeping skin clear? Yet there’s one particular theory about acne that’s worrisome: can food, and chocolate in particular, lead to an increase in breakouts?

You’ve most likely heard that chocolate, most people’s favorite sweet treat, can bring on a host of skin problems – inflammation, blemishes, and increased oil. Countless people believe that chocolate is to blame for breakouts in individuals of any age. Although chocolate has been touted as an acne-increasing food for decades, science doesn’t exactly prove that steering clear of this tasty food will do your skin any good.

In an interview with the Huffington Post, dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban denied that chocolate is responsible for your skin woes and breakouts. It isn’t eating chocolate that brings on blemishes; it also isn’t any other sweet, sugary, or fatty foods. Dr. Shamban remarked that ingesting chocolate and similar treats every so often won’t bring on a host of skin conditions. Rather, individuals who eat diets that are full of sugars and fatty foods will find themselves suffering from breakouts. When we eat too much of these unhealthy foods, our bodies respond by triggering inflammatory responses like increased sebum, or oil, and redness. It’s these biological responses to an unhealthy diet that can lead to skin problems.

Why has chocolate earned itself such a bad reputation, particularly when it comes to acne? Well, according to Dr. Shamban, all varieties of chocolate except dark feature an awful lot of dairy, sugar, and unnatural additives. Eating these unhealthy ingredients on a regular basis can not only inflame the body, but may also cause hormonal imbalances. This is why women crave it when their hormones change each month and estrogen rises – and with hormonal changes come increased oil production and new skin developments.

Ultimately, as Dr. Diana Walder confirmed to Prevention, there’s no reason to blame chocolate for your skin difficulties. If you’re wondering why you’re breaking out, or why you can’t seem to stop acne from reappearing, it isn’t a quick snack of chocolate every so often – it’s a poor diet overall. Don’t blame your sweet tooth, but perhaps your lack of fruits and veggies.

Eating Too Much Low Quality Chocolate Can Have These Effects


Chocolate, the one with high content of real cacao components, is basically good for the body. But even the real chocolate products have to be taken in moderation. Remember, everything that is taken in excess cancels the benefits it brings.

How much more the over consumption of low quality chocolates? Chocolates are considered to be of poor quality if they contain lower percentage of cocoa and higher dosage of sugar, trans fats, and oil. They have other additives that may also be harmful to the health of the body. Most of these kinds of chocolates only have cocoa powder in them, and in the real sense of the word, is only chocolate flavored.

What happens if you eat a lot of these low quality chocolates?

Cause Skin Problems

If you are acne prone, it is better to avoid bad quality chocolates because its sugar and trans fat content can increase the levels of your blood sugar and insulin, thus producing acne and other skin problems such as stretchmarks. Pure chocolate is bitter and chocolate makers put so much sugar to make it delectable.

Gain Extra Weight

The additives in poor quality chocolates contain high quantities of calories that can result to gain weight. If you eat too much, expect extra pounds to be added to your current heaviness. When you acquire more than the normal body mass index required for your body it can lead to health complications. Moreover, when you are not happy with your body, it can often give rise to low self-esteem and confidence.

Instigate Diabetes

If you eat several bars of low quality chocolate every day, be prepared to see a spike on your blood sugar level. This can increase the risk of developing diabetes and other health issues, like hypertension and heart disease. With continued ingestion, and if these diseases cannot be addressed appropriately, it may lead to kidney problems.

Develop Dental Complications

Too much sugar can cause tooth decay and cavities. This is inevitable if you over consume chocolates that are high in sugar. Other gum diseases and dental complications may also develop if you do not take control of your intake of low quality chocolates.

Eating Too Much Of The Wrong Type Of Chocolate? Perhaps We Now Need To Lose Some Weight


Ok so now that we have been focusing on chocolate for a while, I think that it is time to ask ourselves if we have been eating the right kind of chocolate. Have we been eating the sweet milk chocolate? Or maybe white chocolate? Or do we think that we are doing great and eating dark chocolate but with a low cocoa percentage and a large amount of sugar? Or have we been eating dark chocolate with a percentage of at least 75 cocoa and with no added sugar?

I think that many of us have been eating all of these options except for the last. After all, if we are used the taste of chocolate then the last option is going to taste a little funny for us. It will take a little getting used to.

So in the meantime, if we are now in need to lose a few extra pounds, here are some great ways to do so.

Most of us want to lose weight but now that we have eaten so much of the wrong type of chocolate, we may need to lose a little more than usual. But to most of us, losing weight means only eating salads and going to the gym for hours per day. But this doesn’t actually need to be the case. There are easier ways to lose weight. Try one of these.

Avoid Low Fat Foods

The first place most people start when deciding on losing some weight is to eat low fat foods. However it is actually a common mistake as these foods have generally removed the good fats from the food and replaced them with artificial sweeteners or other chemicals to still make the food taste good. It is a far better option to eat full fat foods and stay away from low fat. It is the low fat foods which will make you fat. And a lot of advertising has taken place over the last number of years to make us believe something different. So buy full fat milk, butter, cheese, yogurt, and don’t but margarine.

Remove Sugar From Your Diet

One of the easiest ways to lose weight as that doesn’t involve even stepping into a gym is to cut out sugar. Sugar has such a big affect on our weight and the bad news is that so many of our foods and almost all packaged foods are full of sugar. So you will need to cut out all packaged foods and replace them with whole and real foods. Spend almost all of your time in the fruit and veg section of the grocery store. If you do need to get packaged foods, then check the labels of all your food and don’t buy products with the following ingredients: sugar, cane sugar, high fructose corn syrup, and molasses.


Everyone knows that exercise can help you lose weight. But what most people think is that they need to spend a few hours working out before it can help you lose weight. The truth is though, you don’t need to do these things, simply go for a quick walk for only 30 minutes a day and start seeing the results within weeks. Don’t have time to work for 30 minutes a day? Then try waking up earlier or going for a walk during your work lunch break.

Weight Loss Shakes

Ever heard of weight loss shakes? They are designed to replace one of your meals a day with a shake. While these can be a great way to lose weight, don’t over do them. Start with just one weight loss shake a day and see how it works for you. Usually breakfast is the best meal to start replacing. If this works well, then also try replacing lunch. But never replace more than two meals a day with weight loss shakes. Then have a nutritious dinner which has no added sugar. Have your healthy protein and vegetables. When choosing a weight loss shake, make sure you get one which has no sugar added.

Strange Uses For Chocolate


While the most obvious use for chocolate is eating it of course, there are some other great uses for the liquid gold. Yep, you can actually incorporate chocolate into your everyday life without even having to eat it. But of course, you can eat it also! So what are some of the strangest uses for chocolate?

Fake Blood

Believe it or not but chocolate has actually been used as blood in movies such Alfred Hitchcock’s 1960 horror classic Psycho. It was used in the shower scene and actually looked better than it could have. Chocolate doesn’t have the right color to look like blood which makes it a strange option to use in scene that needs blood everywhere. At least it must have been a tasty cleanup!

Chocolate Diapers

What? Did you just say chocolate diapers? When would have thought this would be a good idea? Well it turns out that chocolate diapers are actually gaining popularity in baby shower games. And boy do they actually look like poo in a diaper. These diapers can be bought in stores or you can add the chocolate to your favorite brand name diapers. They are a ton of fun but very strange!

Novelty Hotel

In Bournemouth England, there is actually a Chocolate Boutique Hotel. Yep, a chocolate hotel. But unfortunately the whole structure is not made out of chocolate, but its rooms are named after different words for chocolate. Also, depending on your package when staying there, you may even get a chocolate portrait.

Haute Couture

There is even a chocolate fashion show where amazing outfits are created with chocolate. So I guess these outfits would not be for every day or any day really, but very cool to see. It’s called the Le Salon du Chocolat’s

Unusual Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Chocolate helps with Math

Besides the usual health benefits of dark chocolate such as helping you lose weight, lowers blood pressure, and has lots of nutrients. Dark chocolate also has some other really cool health benefits that you probably never heard of. But when we talk about dark chocolate, we mean a really high percentage dark chocolate of at least 85%. And the higher the percentage, the better. It may actually take a bit of getting used to the taste as high percentage dark chocolates are much more bitter than chocolates such as milk chocolate. But unfortunately, milk chocolates and dark chocolates with very low cocoa percentages, have very little to no health benefits. So what are they?

Could Help You With Math

Believe it or not, but chocolate may actually help you with math. That is if you need the help. Dark chocolate has flavonols which is a compound in chocolate with properties similar to antioxidant. They are thought to improve circulation which includes blood flow to the brain. There have been studies conducted in the past where participants who ate dark chocolate could actually solve math equations more quickly than they could before. Those who ate the dark chocolate were also less susceptible to metal fatigue.

Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

Probably the best way (in terms of fun and tasty) to keep your skin healthy and actually prevent stretch marks. Dark chocolate is great for your skin as it is rich in zinc. This helps in strengthening the connective tissues that holds your skin together. And it’s the cocoa in chocolate that can help your skin get more firm and provide right levels of hydration and elasticity. Dark chocolate can also reduce the puffiness in your skin and leaves a healthy glow.

Fills You Up

Did your mom ever warn you that if you eat that chocolate before your dinner, it will ruin your appetite? Well, looks like your mom was right. There has also been research conducted where participants who ate dark chocolate within 2 hours of eating actually ate less dinner. So if you’re trying to lose weight, this can help suppress your appetite and fill you up for longer.

The Health Benefits Of Chocolate

Dark Chocolate

I know what you are thinking right now, chocolate is healthy? I am going to go and eat those stashed away candy bars! But it is not that easy. Unfortunately not all chocolate is healthy. It is generally the dark chocolate that’s good for you, and the darker the better! Look for cocoa percentages higher than 80%. So unfortunately milk chocolate, white chocolate, or generally any chocolate bar probably aren’t going to have these benefits. So what are the health benefits of dark chocolate? We explain them below.

It’s Nutritious

Again, this chocolate needs to be dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage. It doesn’t go for milk or white chocolate. Dark chocolate has lots of fiber, iron, magnesium, manganese, potassium, zinc, and selenium. It basically sounds like you’re having a multivitamin tablet. This stuff is actually good for you.


Quality dark chocolate is high in antioxidants, so high in fact that it is one of the highest foods filled with antioxidants. This helps your body heal and makes good quality dark chocolate very good for you.

Lowers Blood Pressure

Dark chocolate has been shown to actually lower blood pressure. How it does this is by increasing your blood flow allowing your blood to move around your body freely and without restrictions. Unfortunately this is not always the case and it will not lower blood pressure by a large amount. It’s more of an added bonus rather than a reason to start eating dark chocolate.

Can Help You Lose Weight

By now you are thinking that dark chocolate must have been sent to earth from heaven. And now chocolate can help you lose weight? This stuff is amazing. So how does chocolate actually help you lose weight? Well, eating chocolate around 15-20 minutes before a meal and shortly after a meal will actually help you feel fuller and will cause you to eat less dinner. This is tern may actually help you lose weight. Crazy stuff!

Helps Protect You From The Sun

In some cases, great quality dark chocolate has been shown to actually help protect you from the sun. But for it to be effective, you will need to start eating dark chocolate more than a few days before you go out in the sun. Probably best for around 2 weeks of eating chocolate. Doesn’t sound too bad does it?

So there you have it. Good quality dark chocolate has so many benefits to us and tastes so great. So what do I mean when I say good quality? Well generally anything that has more than 75% cocoa in there. So don’t be getting the dark chocolate with added sugar and low cocoa levels. Generally if you don’t see the percentage in large lettering on the front label, it is probably not good for you. This stuff is so amazing and if you haven’t already tried some good dark chocolate, go out and get some.

Things You Can Use Chocolate For

More to life than chocolate

So you like eating a bar of chocolate. Or maybe two? Well who doesn’t? Well probably no one who has found this site, as we all should be chocolate lovers. But there is so much more we can do with chocolate that we may not have even realized. I hear you saying to yourself, ‘did I just read that right?’ So what are some of our favorite ways to eat chocolate besides chowing down a block of creamy chocolate?

Chocolate Fondue

Have you ever eaten a chocolate fondue? If you’re a fan of chocolate, this is your next mission, try a chocolate fondue. Never heard of it? Well basically what you do it dip different types of fruits into melted chocolate which is generally in a fountain or something similar and enjoy. These things are amazing and are a must try.

Protein Bars

Have you ever tried making your own protein bars? While not as glamorous as a chocolate fondue, protein bars can keep you going for hours and are usually pretty good for you depending on what you put in them. And if you think that these homemade protein bars are not tasty enough, try melting chocolate onto them for that extra flavor. For a healthier option, try using dark chocolate with a high cocoa percentage.


Who doesn’t love and eat almonds? Well I guess only the people who are allergic to them, otherwise everyone else eats them. There is only one thing that can make almonds taste any better, yep you guessed it, chocolate. You can buy chocolate covered almonds in most grocery stores and they taste amazing. If you are a fan of chocolate and almonds, you must try these. That is of course unless you also have an addictive personality, then maybe you shouldn’t try these!